Rotherham Open Air Art Gallery

A display in Rotherham town centre of large-scale reproductions of over 60 works of art by local, national and internationally-renowned artists as well as Picasso, Da Vinci, Cezanne, Henry Moore, Van Gogh and Rousseau.


BEANS Coffee Shop Gallery

A warm welcome, wonderful coffee and food, arts and crafts workshops and great art work to view and buy. If your’re visiting Bolsover in Derbyshire make a point of visiting BEANS.


Saatchi Online

An open social platform providing the global art community with a new way to discover, share, exhibit, promote, discuss and sell art online.



Online community to help artists  promote their work and facilitate the development of relationships between individuals and organizations that have an interest in the visual arts.



An exciting new social networking site for the artworld, creating a global forum for discussion, interactivity and debate.

Our members are artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and the curious.



Online community for artists that specialises in open calls.


Tate Online  (www.tate.org.uk)

Tate is a family of four art galleries housing the UK's collection of British art from 1500 and of international modern art www.tate.org.uk.


The Saatchi Gallery (www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk)

London contemporary art gallery. Great interactive website.


The National Gallery (www.nationalgallery.org.uk)

The National Gallery, London, houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world.


WWW Virtual Library (http://icom.museum/vlmp/galleries.html)

This page includes an eclectic collection of World Wide Web services connected with art galleries and archives as part of the WWW Virtual Library.


The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York (www.moma.org)



Galleries and e-galleries

Wassily Kandinsky (www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/kandinsky_wassily.html)

Guide to pictures of works by Wassily Kandinsky in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.


Joan Miró (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Miró)

Wikipedia entry.


Marc Chagall (www.chagallpaintings.org)

Discusses many Marc Chagall paintings and art prints as well as a biography about the artist.


Pablo Picasso (http://picasso.tamu.edu/picasso)

On-line Picasso Project. Dedicated entirely to the Life and Works of the artist, including an extensive selection of his works.


Bloc Projects (http://blocprojects.co.uk)

Bloc is a contemporary art-space and studio complex located in the centre of Sheffield.


Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (ROAR)  (www.rotherhamroar.org)

Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (ROAR) was set up in 2003 by a group of professional artists with three clear aims:

   * to provide support for artists living and/or working in Rotherham.

   * to provide a 'one stop shop' for schools statutory bodies, community groups and businesses wanting to access and employ artists.

   * to establish a sustainable independent working arts centre in Rotherham. The vision is to provide rehearsal space, visual art studios, film making and recording facilities as well as office space.


The Society for All Artists (www.saa.co.uk)

Society for anyone with a love of painting. For professional artists, keen amateurs and occasional hobbyists. Lots of useful information and a discount online materials store.


Picasso, Da Vinci, Cezanne, Henry Moore, Van Gogh and Rousseau

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